TangenX SIUS PD Products

TangenX™ SIUS™ Single-use TFF Cassettes deliver the performance of reusable cassettes with single-use convenience at a fraction of the cost.

In traditional TFF, filters are used in a process and then cleaned between uses with a clean in place (CIP) operation. This requires a significant investment in system capacity, raw materials, energy, and time. 

Validated for GMP use, TangenX™ SIUS™ Single-use TFF Cassettes are a convenient alternative delivered ready to use with either ProStream or HyStream membranes, and a complete range of pore sizes and flow-channel configurations. Pre-sanitized and packaged with 0.2M NaOH, the cassettes are engineered with optimized channel geometry and enhanced device rigidity to ensure that hydraulic performance is maintained during processing and scale-up.