Spectra/Por® Dialysis Tubing Closures: Formerly from Spectrum

Spectra/Por® Dialysis Closures for Standard and Biotech RC Dialysis Tubing

Standard Dialysis Closure

Spectra/Por® Standard Dialysis Tubing Closures aid in buoyancy and vertical orientation of dialysis tubing. They are autoclavable and available in a variety of colors for easy sample identification.

Weighted Dialysis Closure

Autoclavable, Spectra/Por® Weighted Dialysis Tubing Closures contain an acid-washed, fluorocarbon coated, stainless steel bar. When applied to the bottom of the dialysis tubing, the closure  maintains a vertical orientation of the sample.

Magnetic Dialysis Closure

Autoclavable Spectra/Por® Magnetic-weighted Dialysis Tubing Closures contain a magnetic fluorocarbon coated stainless steel bar, eliminating the need for conventional stir bars. Applied to the bottom end of the dialysis tubing, this closure provides complete submersion and gentle rotation of the sample on a stir plate.

Paired Standard and Weighted Dialysis Closures

The ultimate sample buoyancy and vertical orientation can be achieved by applying both a standard and a weighted Spectra/Por® Dialysis Closure to opposite ends of the same dialysis tubing. The Paired Closures are autoclavable.