Bessman Tissue Pulverizer



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The stainless steel Bessman Tissue Pulverizer consists of a 2 component mortar with handles and a pestle, specifically designed for pulverizing 10 - 1000 mg of tissue. After chilling the Pulverizer in liquid nitrogen, the included 28 cm lead hammer is used on the mortar to completely homogenize the inserted sample. The sample can then easily be transferred without touching or thawing by removing the mortar and inverting the pestle assembly over a test tube. The small and medium Pulverizer includes 10 test tubes and the large Pulverizer includes one culture jar


Small Medium Large
Sample Capacity: 10-50 mg 25-250 mg 100-1000 mg
Mortar Diameter: 6.6 mm 12.7 mm 25.6 mm
Mortar Height: 26.8 mm 47.3 mm 47.6 mm