Spectra/Mesh® Woven Filters

Mesh Screens for Macrofiltration Separations

Repligen provides a broad range of Spectra/Mesh Woven Filters that consist of individual strands woven into a mesh screen, characterized by precise mesh openings, percent open area and mesh thickness. There are 5 material types with different physical, chemical and thermal characteristics to select from depending on your application.

Product Specifications & Properties

Nylon Polyester Polypropylene PEEK Stainless Steel
Mesh Opening: 5 - 1,000 µm 5 - 300 µm 105 - 1.000 µm 35 - 800 µm 30 - 914 µm
Water Affinity: hydrophilic mildly hydrophobic hydrophobic very hydrophobic hydrophilic
Strength/Durability: high high high (wet) medium very high
Adsorption: high low low (inert) very low (inert) high
Best Resistance: corrosives alkalis / organic acids / alkalis / organics nearly all corrosives
pH Resistance: pH 3-10 pH 3-13 pH 2-14 pH 1-14 pH 4-12
Thermal Stability: up to 180°C up to 140°C up to 130°C up to 250°C up to 180°C
Sterilization: irradiation autoclavable autoclavable autoclavable autoclavable / irradiation