Spectra/Por® 1 Dialysis Tubing

Spectra/Por® 1 - 5 Dry Standard RC Dialysis Tubing is packaged dry for handling and storage convenience. The tubing is available in 15 m/roll and 30 m/roll to provide better economy for applications requiring larger amounts of tubing. Most of the dry tubing rolls contain glycerin as a humectant which is easily removed by soaking 30 min in water. Some tubing rolls do not contain glycerin and do not require soaking prior to use.

Membrane Type



14 Flat Widths (mm)

Spectra/Por 1

Basic dialysis

6-8 kD

10, 23, 32, 40, 50, 100, 120



Hydrophilic, symmetric porosity


15 or 30 m roll (depending on Type and Flat Width)


Dry with Glycerin (soak in water)
Dry without Glycerin (no soaking required)