Spectra/Por® 1 - 4 Standard RC Ready-to-Use Dialysis Sacks



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Designed for the general dialysis of larger sample volumes, the Ready-to-Use Dialysis Sack consists of a 60 cm length of Spectra/Por 1, 2, 3 or 4 tubing, sealed at one end with a Spectra/Por Closure and a funnel attached to the other for easy filling. Unlike the Spectra/Por 1-4 Dry Dialysis Tubing and Trial Kits, the Spectra/Por Dialysis Sacks are pre-soaked in water to hydrate the membrane and remove the glycerin; making them ready-to-use and more convenient. The dialysis sacks are packaged wet in a preservative solution of 0.05% sodium azide. To use simply unroll, rinse, fill, apply closure and cut tubing.

Product Specifications:

Membrane Type Purpose MWCO Flat Widths
Spectra/Por 1 Basic dialysis 6-8 kD 50 mm
Spectra/Por 2 Higher permeability 12-14 kD 45 mm
Spectra/Por 3 Basic dialysis 3.5 kD 54 mm
Spectra/Por 4 Basic dialysis 12-14 kD 45 mm
Properties: Hydrophilic, symmetric porosity
Quantity: 10 dialysis sacks/pkg
Packaging: Wet in 0.05% sodium azide