Dialysis Tubing and Membranes

Formerly from Spectrum Labs - Spectrum and Repligen are now one.

Dialysis membranes from Repligen include biotech-grade and standard-grade regenerated cellulose (RC) and biotech-grade cellulose ester (CE) membranes, with GMP customization options, for use in both lab-scale and process-scale operations. 

Standard Grade Dialysis Tubing and Membranes 

Standard Grade Regenerated Cellulose (RC) is a clear, flexible and sturdy dialysis membrane with a broader molecular selectivity.

  • Wide chemical compatibility
  • Use with dilute strong acids and bases, concentrated weak acids and bases, most alcohols and some mild or dilute organics, including DMSO
  • Standard RC can tolerate pH 2 - 12 and temperature 4 - 121°C. 
  • 4 membrane configurations: Dry rolled tubing, Pre-wetted (ready-to-use) tubing, Pre-treated (cleaned) tubing and Single-layer flat sheets


    Biotech Cellulose Ester (CE) Dialysis Tubing and Membranes

    Biologically inert and ultra-pure, Biotech Cellulose Ester (CE) is available in the largest selection of concise MWCOs (0.1 - 1000 kD) and sizes to provide better molecular separation for desalting, isolating ionic species and macromolecular purifications.

    • Moderate chemical compatibility
    • Generally tolerates weak or dilute acids and bases and mild alcohols with only a slight change to the MWCO
    • More sensitive to harsh conditions and solvents
    • Exposure to most organic solvents may damage CE membranes
    • Use with pH 2-9 and temperature 4-37°C
    • Available in 10m/roll tubing and trial size dialysis kits (1m)

      Biotech Regenerated Cellulose (RC) Dialysis Tubing and Membranes

      Premium biotech RC (Regenerated Cellulose) dialysis membrane is crafted to yield superior physical tolerances and chemical compatibilities while maintaining high purity.

      • Wide chemical compatibility
      • Tolerates concentrated-weak acids and bases, dilute-strong acids and bases, most alcohols and some mild or dilute organic solvents
      • Exposure to strong polar or organic solvents may damage RC membranes
      • Use with pH 2-12 and temperature 4-60°C.
      • Available in dialysis tubing in 5m/roll tubing and trial size dialysis kits (0.5m)
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