ELISA Kit for the Detection of Native and Recombinant Protein A



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For downstream processes which utilize a Protein A capture step (non-MabSelect SuRe™), Repligen offers the Protein A ELISA Kit suitable for Protein A resins that contain native and recombinant Protein A ligand variants.

  • Specificity for all variants of native and recombinant Protein A
  • Sensitivity of 0.1 ng/mL or 0.8 ppm
  • Recovery: 80-120%
  • Accuracy and precision: Inter-assay +/- 10%, Intra-assay +/- 15%

Kit Contents:

  • Anti-protein A coated 96-well microtiter plate
  • Reagent A: sample diluent (5x)
  • Reagent B: recombinant protein A standard solution
  • Reagent C: rabbit anti-protein A: biotin probe
  • Reagent D: streptavidin: peroxidase conjugate
  • Reagent E: TMB peroxidase substrate
  • PBS packs (quantity 2)