Spectra/Por 1 Dialysis Tubing, 6-8 kD MWCO



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Spectra/Por 1 Standard RC Dry Dialysis Tubing

Spectra/Por 1 - 5 Dry Standard RC Dialysis Tubing is packaged dry for handling and storage convenience. The tubing is available in 15 m/roll and 30 m/roll to provide better economy for applications requiring larger amounts of tubing. Most of the dry tubing rolls contain glycerin as a humectant which is easily removed by soaking 30 min in water. Some tubing rolls do not contain glycerin and do not require soaking prior to use.

Product Specifications:

Membrane Type Purpose MWCO 14 Flat Widths (mm)
Spectra/Por 1 Basic dialysis 6-8 kD 10, 23, 32, 40, 50, 100, 120


Properties: Hydrophilic, symmetric porosity
Quantity: 15 or 30 m roll (depending on Type and Flat Width)
Packaging: Dry with Glycerin (soak in water)
Dry without Glycerin (no soaking required)