Biotech Regenerated Cellulose (RC) Dialysis Tubing and Membranes

Biotech RC Membrane

Premium biotech RC dialysis tubing and membrane is crafted to yield superior physical tolerances and chemical compatibilities while maintaining high purity.

  • Wide chemical compatibility
  • Tolerates concentrated-weak acids and bases, dilute-strong acids and bases, most alcohols and some mild or dilute organic solvents
  • Exposure to strong polar or organic solvents may damage RC membranes
  • Use with pH 2-12 and temperature 4-60°C.
  • Available in dialysis tubing in 5m/roll tubing and trial size dialysis kits (0.5m)
Categories Preparation Pore Size Configuration
Spectra/Por Biotech RC Membrane Dialysis Dry with glycerin
Hydrophilic, symmetric porosity
3 MWCOs (3.5-5 kD, 8-10 kD, 20 kD) 5 meter roll
2 Flat widths: 10 mm and 16 mm


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